"The important thing is not to stop questioning."

Albert Einstein

Keys to Productive Change

Create a Clear Vision

Create a clear vision that helps people understand and keep focused on needed changes.

Clearly Demonstrate Top Management Support

Create opportunities for top management to demonstrate support through their involvement, decisions, and actions.

Empower One or More Champions to Manage the Change Process

Designate and empower a person or team to manage the change process and champion the needed changes.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Use various methods and opportunities to communicate with those who can influence and are impacted by the changes, keep them informed about progress and successes, and listen to and respond to their concerns.

Strategic Involvement

Involvement in understanding and influencing the change process breaks down resistance and increases ownership for the success of needed changes. Use creative approaches to efficiently involve the right people at the right time.

Use Data to Drive Change

Relevant internal or external data collected from surveys, interviews, research, or site visits to discover best practices can provide a strong incentive for change and overcome resistance to change.

Education and Training

Education and training are often necessary to unfreeze old ways of thinking and acting, learn new ways, and overcome fears of not having the skills to adapt to the desired changes.

Reward and Showcase Successes or Efforts to Change

Tangible rewards that reinforce change and recognition for successes or bold efforts to make needed changes increases the incentive for change. How management treats efforts that do not succeed may send equally strong messages.

Provide the Resources to Drive Change

Directing resources towards needed changes provides an incentive for change.

Acknowledge and Prepare for the Stress of Change

It is sometimes helpful to acknowledge that change can be stressful, to prepare people for the highs and lows of the change process, and to provide training in how to manage the stress of significant change.

Pilot Projects

Smaller pilot projects are less risky and will often stimulate interest in larger scale projects.

Be Sensitive to Time and Action Requirements

Some resistance comes from new demands on already busy schedules. Make meetings count, utilize Change Champions and Action Teams as much as possible to accomplish change.

Take a Positive Approach to Change

Negative approaches that seek change through coercion, force, manipulation, placing blame, or looking for scapegoats increase resistance to change. Attack problems and not people and create positive reasons and opportunities for change.

Confront the Resistance

It is usually best to get resistance out into the open and confront it in a constructive and direct way. Resisters won over often become Change Champions. Even if they continue to resist, the issues will be clear.

Know When to Bite the Bullet

Sometimes change needs to be made even though many of the alternatives mentioned above are not possible or did not work. There are times when people either need to join the changes or move aside.

anagement's top priorities are planning and ensuring that everyone is working on the organization’s key business objectives.  Hoshin Kanri is a tool that helps management successfully realize these top priorities.  This methodology is one of the most powerful planning tools available to organizations today, allowing for breakthrough innovations and continuous improvement. It provides a method for creating a comprehensive deployment strategy between all levels of employees, keeping everyone focused on top priorities in the organization.

This course contains prepares learners to apply Hoshin Kanri methodology in their own organization. Excel templates that can be used to begin a Hoshin Kanri plan.  Students also receive a student workbook recapping all of the information found in the course and numerous examples of types of Hoshin Kanri matrices.  Upon completion of the course exam, students also receive a course certificate. Students are encouraged to work on live examples that can be applied back into the workplace.

Learning Objectives

- Define Hoshin Kanri

- Understand the foundation behind Hoshin Kanri

- Identify the critical elements in Hoshin Kanri

- Characterize a breakthrough strategy

- Relate how Deming’s PDCA (plan, do, check and act) model supports the Hoshin Kanri process

- Compare and identify vision and mission statements

- Identify the different steps in a Hoshin Kanri process

- Apply Hoshin Kanri methodology to a real time opportunity within the learner's organization

- Calculate a Hoshin Kanri matrix

- Define a successful Hoshin Kanri deployment

- Evaluate a scenario to determine which quality tool would support the situation

Target Audience

Executive Management


Team Leaders

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The Hoshin Kanri Process
Robust methodology for implementing change...

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a step-by-step strategic planning process. The literal translation of Hoshin Kanri can have several American meanings. "Ho" meaning method or form and "shin" meaning shining needle or compass. Kanri means management or control; a methodology for strategic direction setting.

Hoshin Kanri provides an elegant method for creating a comprehensive communication system between all levels of employees, keeping everyone focused on meeting organizational goals.

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Just in Time Training
Work on real issues with content as need it...

Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning

Work on real time challenges during a facilitated "just-in-time" training session. We believe that the best way to really learn something is to apply it immediately to issues that affect your business.

Team members prepare for group sessions with online web based training prior to the live session. Blended learning methodologies are employed to enhance learning and maximize efficiency.

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Organization Development
Change is the only constant in organizational growth...

Strategic Planning and Change Management

Working with executive management teams, we facilitate the groups understanding of the competition, the current environment, and what it will take to become a top performing organization. 

Customized sessions on visioning, missioning, and planning are designed to create a solid road map with tactics that can then be transferred into team charters and communicated throughout the organization.

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