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Hoshin Kanri Online Training
E-Learning is cost effective and consistent

hoshin kanri training

Our online Hoshin Kanri training is approved and used by the American Society for Quality.  Earn ASQ RU credit while taking our online course.

We provide exceptional online training focused on improving the effectiveness.  Web-based learning insures that everyone hears the same thing.  With stand-up training there is variation, there’s no way around it.   Online training provides consistent messages.  We can also tailor our existing Hoshin Kanri online training to fit the needs of your organization and provide group rates that are very affordable. 

Combining live facilitation with online learning is the most effective way to create positive change within your organization.  Contact us on how we can help you create an implementation plan, customize our online training and train your in-house facilitators on how to lead strategic planning initiatives.



Complete Hoshin Facilitator/Trainer Packages
Everything you need to facilitate live Hoshin session and train both worker & leaders

Hoshin Kanri Trainer's Guide

Do you need to train your organization in Hoshin Kanri? We have a complete package that includes 185 Power Point slides, 111 page instructor's guide, 87 page student manual and Hoshin matrices Excel templates. From the classroom set-up to the training evaluation form, this program gives you everything you need to introduce Hoshin Kanri to your organization. Coupled with a dynamic online training program, blended with the live training materials, you have it all.

Our trainer package includes a module on how to facilitate a live Hoshin session, modules for training leaders & workers and a blended learning format that includes our online Hoshin Kanri:Visual Strategic Planning. The online training lets gives you the flexibility of integrating convenient and consistent online learning with live sessions to facilitate the creation of live Hoshin plans. But wait...we also give you phone support with a seasoned Hoshin facilitator at no additional charge.



Live Hoshin Kanri Workshops
Knowledge is the key to change

Knowing effective strategy formulation is critical in this economy. Leaders must have the ability to develop operational business strategies and then know how to link strategy to operations. Understanding how to take business strategies from plan to action sets real leaders apart; and changes mediocre organizations to dynamic businesses. Forward-looking strategy development can make the difference between a profitable organization and one that does not succeed.

We offer strategic Hoshin Kanri planning courses and strategy formulation seminars for managers at all levels. The entire strategic planning process is covered in detail from listening to the Voice of the Customer to strategy deployment for the entire organization.  Participants learn Hoshin Kanri by applying the concepts to current planning needs.  The objective - learn Hoshin Kanri and come away from the workshop with a working plan!

Hoshin Kanri Class

The Hoshin Kanri Process
Robust methodology for implementing change...

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a step-by-step strategic planning process. The literal translation of Hoshin Kanri can have several American meanings. "Ho" meaning method or form and "shin" meaning shining needle or compass. Kanri means management or control; a methodology for strategic direction setting.

Hoshin Kanri provides an elegant method for creating a comprehensive communication system between all levels of employees, keeping everyone focused on meeting organizational goals.

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Voice of the Customer
Designing products & services that excite...

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) is about understanding the customers' needs. Vital information from the customer can be used for many different improvement activities. The primary objective for collecting the VOC is to provide improved products and/or services. The basic premise for using the customer's voice, is to define expectations and needs. Needs that they may not even know they have and expectations that exceed their wildest dreams.

Both time and money can be saved by carefully listening to what a customer says. Eighty percent of new products fail in the market place because no one paid attention to this most critical aspect - - the customer. For that reason, collecting the VOC is the first thing an organization should embark on when entering the market with a new product or service, or in the redesign of an existing product or service.

Because collecting the VOC is the most critical aspect of product/service development, we are meticulous in how we gather this data.

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Organization Development
Change is the only constant in organizational growth...

Strategic Planning and Change Management

Working with executive management teams, we facilitate the groups understanding of the competition, the current environment, and what it will take to become a top performing organization. 

Customized sessions on visioning, missioning, and planning are designed to create a solid road map with tactics that can then be transferred into team charters and communicated throughout the organization.

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We offer workshops in all content areas related to organization development and strategic planning.

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