"The best vision is insight."
~ Malcolm S. Forbes.

About Karen Roberts
Twenty-five Years of Hoshin Kanri Consulting

Karen Roberts has worked in the field of strategic planning, quality improvement and organizational improvement for the past twenty-five years. Her practice concentrates on training and consulting to organizations on ways to increase their effectiveness through the use of Hoshin Kanri.

Most often this involves quality concepts, communications, leadership, and team development. A comprehensive corporate life has given her the knowledge and skills necessary to help organizations create positive improvement. She has sought out the most effective methodologies available for creating excellence.

Her broad scope and varied experience has made her a sought after advisor to organizations across the country. Her more recent experience includes facilitating product development teams for NASA, Windsor Industries, Emerson Electric and Johnson & Johnson Medical. She has also facilitated strategic planning sessions for the Department of the Interior and provided leadership training, strategic planning and Performance Team Building to executive level management groups like Amgen, Exabyte, Cordis de Mexico (a division of Johnson & Johnson) and Roche Chemicals.

She is past adjunct faculty member at Regis University teaching courses for the American Society for Training and Development on "Measuring the Effectiveness of Training & Performance Management." She has a master's degree in Organizational Communications from the University of New Mexico and a master's degree in Business Administration.

Some of Ms. Roberts' engagements have been:

- Quality Function Deployment Institute Annual Symposium

- National Conference for the American Society for Quality

- National Conference for the American Society for Training and Development

- American Society for Quality Auditor's Conference

- American Society for Quality: Rocky Mountain Quality Conference

- The United States Office of Personnel Management's Annual - Conference on Total Quality Management

- Quality Congress for the American Society for Quality

Karen is a long time member of the American Society for Training and Development and the American Society for Quality.

Dr. Yogi AkaoHoshin Kanri Creator
Creator of Hoshin Kanri

Dr. Yogi Akao and Karen Roberts.

The Hoshin Kanri Process
Robust methodology for implementing change...

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a step-by-step strategic planning process. The literal translation of Hoshin Kanri can have several American meanings. "Ho" meaning method or form and "shin" meaning shining needle or compass. Kanri means management or control; a methodology for strategic direction setting.

Hoshin Kanri provides an elegant method for creating a comprehensive communication system between all levels of employees, keeping everyone focused on meeting organizational goals.

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Change Management
Key concepts in creating positive change...

Chnge Management

We conduct facilitated team sessions around the issues of organizational change. We have studied change in organizations for the past twenty five years and have created a model of why things don't change for the better and what a company can do to create positive improvement. 

All change management sessions are highly tailored to meet the needs of the organization and the challenges and changes they are facing.

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Organization Development
Change is the only constant in organizational growth...

Strategic Planning and Change Management

Working with executive management teams, we facilitate the groups understanding of the competition, the current environment, and what it will take to become a top performing organization. 

Customized sessions on visioning, missioning, and planning are designed to create a solid road map with tactics that can then be transferred into team charters and communicated throughout the organization.

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We offer workshops in all content areas related to organization development and strategic planning.

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